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Ganesha in Hamm A film by Daniel Burkholz.

Hamm, situated in the Western part of Germany, has a lively Hindu community which has their own infrastructure with tempels, restaurants, shops and schools. It is a kind of a secret capital for the Tamil immigrants in Germany.

The movie starts in the Tamil educational center, where the Tamil public School and the Bharatanatyam dance school are accommodated and portrays their work. Most of the children whose parents came from Sri Lanka, have never been there, because of the civil war. That´s why these educational institutions play such an important role in the social and cultural life of the immigrants. In particular, this is also valid for the Hindu temples which are not only religious places, but also important social centers. The movie takes the viewers along to the celebration in the Sri Sithiviyanagar Temple, which is dedicated  to the god Ganesha. The celebration that lasts for 10 days,  takes place only once in a year and attracts Tamil visitors from all over Germany. The highlight of the celebration is the great procession and though the procession leads every year right through the center of the surrounding quarter, the neighbourhood hardly takes any notice.

Ganesha in Hamm, Duration 15 Minutes, Germany 2006

Director : Daniel Burkholz  Interviews: Heike Geisweid, Camera: Daniel Burkholz, Sound: Heike Geisweid, Editor: Lisa Marie Engel, Julian Isfort, Production: Roadside Dokumentarfilm, Copyright © 2006: Roadside Dokumentarfilm / Daniel Burkholz, All Rights Reserved

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