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Tsunami in Banda Aceh - A film by Daniel Burkholz.

Banda Aceh, the capital of the province Aceh, is situated on the northern tip of Sumatra. After the Tsunami hit the city on 26th of December 2004, there was a unique wave of helpfulness to help the flood-stricken to cope with this catastrophy.

More than 1 ½ years after the catastrophy it only seems that normality returned - since the Tsunami, Banda Aceh is a divided city. Differently than the city center, the quarters near the waterfront were totally destroyed. Most of their inhabitants died and the survivors still have to fight with the consequences of the catastrophy. Inspite of the work of many international and national aid organisations and the support of the national government, the rebuilding of Aceh, which was founded by billions of donation money, doesn´t advance.  90.000 houses more need to be built and the already built ones often have poor quality. That´s why many of the survivors still have to live in refugee camps or shelters.

Original version with subtitles, Duration: 14 Minutes, Ratio 4:3, Germany 2006

Director: Daniel Burkholz, Interviews: Heike Geisweid, Camera: Daniel Burkholz, Sound: Heike Geisweid, Production: Roadside Dokumentarfilm, Copyright © 2006: Roadside Dokumentarfilm / Daniel Burkholz; All rights reserved 

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